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Jerome Schetter 

Home parish: Saint Mary's, Ohio, Holy Rosary


Age: 53


Education: Memorial High School


Level: Pre-Theology, Holy Apostles College & Seminary, Cromwell, Connecticut


Mailing Address:  Holy Apostles College & Seminary, 33 Prospect Hill Raod, Rm 115, Cromwell, CT  06416-2005

About the priesthood : The priesthood means love, understanding, and listening. Being a priest can be the changing way that we feel and act towards others. They in turn will respond by acting in a loving way towards God and the way he wants them to act. He needs to be a good listener because he is not the sole answer machine, and he needs to be open to what others have to say. The Holy Spirit works in every member of the Church. Priesthood is given to the Church in the Sacrament of Holy Orders; while all of us are called to be ministers of sharing God's word.  The priest is the spark, the people are the flames that sets the world on fire with love and kindness.  He's God's herald messenger.
Hobbies: I enjoy most recreational and college sports. I'm a big Ohio State Fan. I enjoy golfing, even though I'll never make the tour. I'm a big time skier, and a member of the National Ski Patrol. I enjoy most any activity that can get me outdoors.

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