Additional Questions

Question:  How do I know that I am being called?  (Nick H. and Liz S.)

Answer:  Dear Nick and Liz,  Every person is called by God to love and serve.  The more precise question is, "how does God want me to live a life of love and service?"

While it may be no easy feat to figure this out, God makes His Holy Will discoverable.  First, pray daily to the Holy Spirit for the grace to realize God's plan and for the courage to make God's plan your own.  Second, stay close to Jesus especially through the Eucharist.  Third, pay close attention to your gifts, talents and interests.  Finally, listen carefully to what others have to say about you and do not be afraid to discuss life choices with people you most respect and admire.


  Question: Say a woman gets married and has kids but then gets divorced.  She decides to become a nun after her kids have grown.  Can she still become a nun even though she has been married and has had kids? (Kristen Z)

Answer:  Having children is not an impediment to entering consecrated life and becoming a sister or nun.  Simply put, a woman can have children and later in life become a nun.  I personally know some wonderful nuns who entered religious life after their children were grown and husband had died.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (d. 1821) raised five children, founded the first American women's religious community (Sisters of Charity), opened the first Catholic parish school and established the first American Catholic orphanage.  Your question, however, includes the additional fact of divorce.  Such a woman would first need to receive an annulment before she could enter religious life.


Question:  Is it ever considered wrong to ask for a sign to help find one's vocation? (Becky W)

Answer:  It sure seems like it would be easier if only God would just tell us what to do with our life!

In my younger days I scanned the heavens looking for signs from God.  In my more recent years, I have realized that God's signs were not to be found in voices and lights streaming through the clouds, but rather all around me.  My priestly vocation was made known to me by God working through what family, friends and people noticed and told me.  I found myself wanting to live more and more for others and was inspired by works of service and charity for those in legitimate need.  The Mass became the most important event for me -- not just on Sunday, but with time every day.  The thoughts, feelings and actions were all signs from God directly me to become the person He had created me to be.

The better prayer is asking God for the gift of sight to see the signs already present.  Recall the Gospel miracles: those who were blind were oftentimes the ones with eyes of faith who recognized Jesus in their midst.


Question:  I was pondering this question for quite a long time.  Sorry if this comes off rude.  So if we are all God's children, why is Jesus so special?  I know he died on the cross for our sins but soldiers die for their country everyday and others have died for their faith. (Spencer)

Answer:  You are correct: all of us have been created in God's image and are rightly called children of God.  That is who we are by nature.  What we do with our human nature and gift of life is another matter.

Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  He is both fully God and fully man. The fact that God dared in the person of Jesus Christ to become like us in all things but sin testified to His inexhaustible love for us.  He wants nothing more than to have us live in His everlasting love.  Jesus -- and Jesus alone - is the way to that love of God that knows no end, heaven.  And He does not merely show us the way by example, but He himself is the way.  We don't just follow His example, we are called to live in Him, to configure our lives to His life.  The relationship we stand to share with Jesus is both natural and supernatural, concrete and mysterious.

The sacrifice of many people is noble, extraordinary and inspiring and not to be denied.  The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was experienced for the sake of all people, so that all might be reconciled and brought back into right relationship with God.  In His passion He accomplished for all people what no one else was capable of doing by nature.



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