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From the Earliest Years to the Primary Level:

  • Help them to realize that prayer is a time to speak and listen to a loving God; let them see you pray.
  • Show evidence of God’s love for your child, other people, and the beauty of creation.
  • Pray as a family at meals and at bedtime, when you travel, or have special needs.
  • Read stories and talk about Jesus calling His Apostles to follow Him.
  • Read and talk about Mary’s “yes” to God.
  • Give your children an age-appropriate bible and a book about the saints when they first receive the Sacraments.
  • Make a commitment for your child to receive religious education that will truly direct their lives.


From Intermediate to Junior High Level:

  • Talk about using talents to serve others.
  • Pray as a family for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life.
  • Provide literature or media about people who have responded to God's call to serve Him.
  • Talk about he various roles the ministers in your parish provide.
  • Engage in open and healthy conversations with your children about their hopes and dreams.
  • Encourage them to participate in and contribute to parish and diocesan activities.
  • Continue to keep family prayer as part of your daily life; invite your children to offer prayers.


From High School to Young Adult Level:

  • Encourage your high school student to pray, reflect, and seek God’s desire for their lives.
  • Discuss all options for your child’s future, including a life of service in Church ministry.
  • Be honest and fair when you talk about vocations to the Church; there are sacrifices in every choice we make, just as there are also many rewards.
  • Encourage your teens and young adults to participate in service projects offered by the parish or the diocese.
  • If your teen or young adult has indicated an interest in the priesthood or consecrated life, encourage them to attend a Discernment retreat or activity, or to visit one of the many Religious Orders in the diocese. Help them to find a mentor, perhaps your parish priest or a woman religious in a community nearby. Have them contact the Vocation Office or visit the website ( for information.
  • If they are away at school, encourage them to get involved with life at the university parish and campus ministry activities.
  • Continue to pray for your children daily, especially during these years when they are making important decisions about their future.
    Have the confidence that God knows what is best and that His love and guidance will never fail you or your child.

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