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For many priests, the call to priesthood is discovered and nurtured within the context of family. It is here that one comes to know himself and to know God. It is here that one comes to hear the inner call to follow Jesus. It is here that one comes to experience the beauty and joy of responding to this call.

As Jesus grew in his relationship with his heavenly Father through the example and encouragement of Mary and Joseph, seminarians and priests grow in faith and service by imitating and learning from their parents.

The relationship between a priest and his parents does not end when he ventures forth to begin his formation or when he is ordained to the priesthood. He continues to relate on an intimate level with his parents and his family members as they journey with him in his vocational response. He also journeys with them and the mutual support gives birth to many blessings and graces.

To be a parent of a seminarian or priest is a unique call and gift. It is rooted in sacrifice, nurtured in generosity and bears fruit in blessing. These parents share their sons with the Church and with all those most in need. The priesthood asks much of today’s priests and their families can be a source of great support to them in prayer, presence and continued witness.

The Parents of Priests group of the Diocese of Toledo are happy to do all they can to support priesthood. 

The Vision of the Parents of Priests of the Diocese of Toledo is to establish a network of parents (or siblings) of priests. Through the power of prayer and supportive relationships, this group will sustain each other and their sons, and all priests, in their priestly journey. Our vision is for all to remain faithful, prayerful, and vibrant in their zeal to support priesthood.

It is the Mission of the Parents of Priests group of the Diocese of Toledo to serve the following goals:

  1. To build relationships among parents (or siblings) of priests.
  2. To unite in prayer and support for each other, for our sons, and for all priests.
  3. To speak to everyone of the blessings of priesthood and in support of vocations.

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